A New Frontier In Gym Interior Design: The Biophilic Gym

Jan 25th, 2019

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I’m not very much of a gym girl. Actually, I carefully avoid gyms and I’d rather do some sort of workout at home.

The reasons for this are various: saving on commuting time, having shower in the comfort of my home… Plus the fact that I never find gyms to be particularly appealing interiors!
So I started wondering: what if the reason why I don’t like going to the gym was the gym?!

The concept of biophilic gym includes all what is missing in regular gyms:

  • Natural light
  • View of nature
  • Greenery
  • Organic space layout
  • Overall inviting and invigorating atmosphere

In a biophilic gym, everything is designed around wellbeing. And in fact, going to the gym should be a pleasure, an act of love towards ourselves, not just another appointment on the agenda!

So let’s dig deeper into the elements of a biophilic gym!

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The design

Like in every biophilic design, it all starts with abundant natural light. As a complement, human-centric artificial lighting gifts guests with an energizing effect during the day and a relaxing one in the evening.

Air quality is another staple in a biophilic gym.
Air-purifying plants are used extensively and natural scents (like pine essential oil) are diffused to enhance the sense of wellbeing. This so-called forest aromatherapy carries indoors some of the health benefits of walking in nature, bringing the experience of a training session to a whole new level.

As a side note, air-purifying plants are mainly low maintenance. They survive all-year-long indoors and require just weekly watering, which makes a biophilic gym easy to maintain for its owners.

What’s also important is that plants and scents are mostly indigenous. This helps connect the space with its surrounding environment — one of biophilic design’s key objectives.

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The training equipment

Forget that infinite line of exercise bikes and treadmills!
In a biophilic gym, the keyword is low-tech. Made of sustainable natural materials, the equipment is an occasion to introduce natural textures and add a tactile experience to the workout.

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The space is made up of different zones, each specific for a type of training. But the separation is only visual. It’s the case of the example below, where a huge vertical garden leaves its place to a line of wall-hanging plants that then turn into a wood climbing wall.
The fact that nature is the overall inspiration ties the whole space together creating the feeling of a true wellness oasis.

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Finishing touches

From grass-like carpet to textured wall panelling, the design of a biophilic gym features many tactile stimulations, which is the technical name for that deeply-rooted desire to go and touch something.

Last but not least, the choice of acoustic music creates an overall soothing atmosphere. And the loudspeakers’ natural finish makes them blend with the rest of the design seamlessly.

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The concept of biophilic gym is relatively new, but popularizing it would surely make gyms more inviting!
Biofit is a label that identifies biophilic gyms around the world. Or — as they like say — they aim at creating training environments where “Vitamin Nature is maximized”… brilliant!

Originally published at dfordesign.style.

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Interior designer+Content creator on a mission: making interiors good for wellbeing (biophilic design) & our planet. My entire blog: https://dfordesign.style

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