Our modern society relies on technology for practically everything. Far from being a bad thing, this comes with a problem at the end-of-life phase.

Just like in other industries, electronic devices are currently designed according to a linear model: buy, use, and dispose. What happens after is predictable: huge piles…

Wellness centers are spaces aimed at relaxation, regeneration, and self-care.
These feelings can be the starting point of a design strategy that — embracing biophilic principles — supports mental and physical restoration, allowing guests to experience the most recharging retreat.

A space for the self

Generally speaking, a wellness retreat is a time to disconnect…

How can tableware have anything to do with waste?

Well, the concept of waste is relative, and the use we make of it these days is quite arguable. In particular, we call things waste way too easily, filling landfills with perfectly functional materials.

To unhinge this wrong perception of waste

Sustainability is a hugely important subject.
Lately, it has become a hot topic (and rightly so), but this risen popularity is causing some confusion, to the point of casting doubts on the very value of the term sustainability.

In this article, we’re going to address some of the criticisms that…

Credit: Q de Bouteilles

Sustainable designs are often examples of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. In particular, material choices are frequently directed towards what would otherwise go to waste.

An example is the reuse of common everyday stuff. And I’m calling it stuff for a reason, as these are usually things we don’t attach a…

Since the beginning of the pandemic, every industry has reflected on its own future, trying to figure out which permanent changes the pandemic will bring.

Interior design has been particularly concerned because the way we interact with spaces has drastically changed during the past year.
The first big divide is…

Countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops…surfacing materials are used in a myriad of places in interiors.
And there exists a myriad of options to choose from!

In this episode of Sustainable Roundups, we’re discovering 10 planet-friendly options, all sourced — as usual — from SforSustainable, the sustainable interior design platform I curate.

Stone debris

In its essence, biophilic design aims at reconnecting people with nature on a deeper level. Which includes acknowledging that we are part of nature and we rely on its delicate balance for survival.

Forecasts say that our world will become even more urbanized in the coming years — thus access…

When speaking about sustainable designs, a lot has to do with materials.

Less harmful materials are created.
By-products are given a purpose.
Waste is upcycled.

Looking at materials impartially is a skill to be learnt though, as our preconceptions over materials can hinder their potential!
Today, we’re focusing on materials that…


Interior designer+Content creator on a mission: making interiors good for wellbeing (biophilic design) & our planet. My entire blog: https://dfordesign.style

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